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The Founders


Keara McMartin
President -
Founding Member

Her passion for sculpture brought her into a close association with Sem’s studio in 1983 and led her to become his right hand over the course of a decade and since 1995, director of Studio Sem.

“The establishment of the Foundation is a much needed initiative as support for both young artists and the unique artisans of Pietrasanta to insure the continuation, growth and protection of a centuries old artistic collaboration. What Sem began will now continue to grow and evolve in support of the creative mind”.


Gianpiero Tartagni
Founding Member

 A highly creative individual, he spent many years as an independent film producer and director in Rome. An enthusiastic patron of the arts, he continues to organize scholarships to bring European artists to his wine estate in Tuscany during the spring and fall months every year.

"It is a great privilege for me to participate in the birth of this Foundation, which I hope will become a focal point for creative excellence for all who share the aspiration to keep alive Sem Ghelardini's great passion for the contemporary arts, and to continue his efforts to bring to light the unique historical values of this territory."


Inger Sannes
Founding Member

 A valued innovator she brings to the Foundation all her expertise as a top corporate management consultant; as well as the intuitive and creative skills of a working sculptor.

 “I see more than ever the need to further develop the ideas began by Sem for talented young artists worldwide to have the opportunity to develop their art in the unique environment of Pietrasanta; as well as participate in a unique lecture series that invites discussion and debate about the relevance of art in today’s turbulent world.”

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